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Great Life Construction is our general contracting company. We are equipped to handle all of your construction needs. We have professionals on our team that work in every trade. They are available to assist with any project; big or small. We have experts in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Framing, 

Flooring, Fencing and more. Our construction team is also equipped to take on any job, from minor repairs, to major city projects. No job is too large. We are able to complete both Residential and Commercial projects. 



We also assist with reviewing insurance claims estimates for accuracy. 

Often, insurance adjusters move very quickly and tend to complete your 

estimate in a rush. This can result in multiple mistakes being made including overlooking damaged items that are imperative for a proper 

repair to be completed. Negligence by the insurance company can prove to be quite costly for homeowners or comercial property owners if they are not addressed immediately. We have licensed insurance adjusters who are experts in claim processing and estimation generation requests. Let us assist you. Call us for more information

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